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May 2016 

May16I recently read one of David Brooks’ weekly op-ed columns called, “The Choice Explosion” (New York Times, 3 May 2106). Americans put great emphasis on the value of individual choice according to Brooks. He goes on to say Americans have had a choice explosion over the past 30 years. He states, “we can choose between a broader array of foods, media sources, lifestyles and identities. We have more freedom to live out our own sexual identities and more religious and nonreligious options to express our spiritual natures.”

Brooks goes on to say that Americans now need help in learning how to make wise decisions. He says, “Maybe there should be a common course publicizing the work” of those scholars and experts who study the way we make mistakes and the techniques necessary to minimize error. He goes further to point out that this is especially important for schools that serve the less fortunate.

That last sentence caught my eye. What about the poor, both Western and non-Western people whose choices are minimal? What about villages where the children do not attend school? What about families who cannot choose foods for the daily or weekly menu; perhaps they eat rice or millet or beans every day.

PFF seeks to mobilize Americans to know and care about the world’s many peoples who have no access to the Gospel. Those without access have limited choices as religious people. They may have limited choices about food, education and vocation as well. Such people may have no church, no Bible and no chance to hear good news about Jesus Christ.

Please join us in giving gifts and offering prayers that all may hear, that all may know and that all may have true choices to follow the One who gives life, abundant and eternal.

To God Be the Glory,

Richard L. Haney

Executive Director