Of all the partners PFF has worked with over the years, our brothers and sisters in Southwest Ethiopia have most impressed me—for a combination of reasons.  They have a passion to keep taking the good news of Jesus across cultural barriers to unreached peoples throughout that part of Ethiopia.  They have especially been concerned for people groups considered “untouchable” by others in that area. They have taken small amounts of support and leveraged it into more work than we could have imagined. They keep on going, whether or not support comes from outside.

Our partners are also very creative thinkers. One of the latest ways they are seeking to be self-supporting, as the churches continue to grow and multiply, is to grow apples! Though they are above 9000 feet in altitude, they have developed an orchard of high-altitude apples.  There is a good market for these in Ethiopia, and there are now roads into the area by which apples can be moved to market. The plan is to take the income from this and other similar projects to support church leadership, so that they can continue their kingdom ministry without depending on outside support.

This work is now two years into a projected three-year development phase. Support through PFF has given great encouragement to the church there, and it will enable continued growth for their evangelism, discipleship and development efforts. Please continue to pray for our brothers and sisters.  Thank you for your support for this and other frontier mission.


Bill Young
Former Executive Director